Master The Fairway Bunker Shot

Posted by GalePeterson On October - 4 - 2009

Bunker ShotWhen you find yourself in a fairway bunker, set-up to consistently hit the BALL 1ST…then the sand.

The Situation
Here I am in a fairway bunker on the par 5, 15th hole of Seaside. I have a high lip in front of me and I am too far away to reach the green. Here’s my plan… I am going to lay up with my 7 iron to an easy angle to the flag and one of my favorite approach yardages.

Bunker Tip 2Here’s How
After picking a club that will easily get you out and over the lip, use this 4 step system to consistently hit clean fairway bunker shots.
The 1st thing I want you to do is to GRIP DOWN ON THE CLUB (this shortens the lever and makes it easier to hit the ball before the sand).
Next position the GOLF BALL in the center of your stance to slightly RIGHT OF CENTER (this encourages a downward strike on the ball).
Now WEDGE your RIGHT FOOT IN for stability and a consistent low point of your swing past the ball (this creates stability so you have something to turn against).
The last set up change is to DROP the LEFT FOOT BACK and dig in especially toward the toes so you can start with your weight left, stay left and finish on your left side (this adjustment fosters a downward blow and keeps the weight on your left side)

Now it’s easy…
Make a ¾ BACKSWING and Swing at a speed to stay in BALANCE.

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