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Posted by GalePeterson On October - 7 - 2009

The GripThe way you hold the club is one of the main factors that controls the clubface. Holding (not squeezing) the club is key to a free swinging motion.
Let’s Take a Closer Look at a neutral full swing grip….

Grip 2Left Hand

Let’s start with a square clubface and place the left hand so the HEEL PAD is on top of the grip. (A good check is to hold the club in the air with the heel pad and the index finger only). The left thumb should be to the RIGHT of the CENTER of the shaft (1:00). The “V” formed by the left thumb and hand should point BETWEEN the RIGHT EAR and RIGHT SHOULDER. You should be able to see the first TWO KNUCKLES of your left hand with NO GAP between the left thumb and side of palm.

Right Hand

Now take the pocket or LIFELINE of the right hand and place it on the SIDE of LEFT THUMB. The left thumb fits in this pocket and matches your hands palm to palm. TRIGGER the RIGHT INDEX FINGER and place it down the back of the grip again with NO GAP between the right thumb and side of palm.

So Remember: Hold don’t squeeze the club and have secure fingers, flexible wrist and relaxed arms.

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