Frightened by Tight Lies?

Posted by GalePeterson On October - 4 - 2009

Tight Lies

Partial shots from a tight lie….now what?

When you find yourself with a partial shot from a tight lie, “TAKE THE LOW ROAD” whenever possible. Any time the situation allows, the smart player will usually prefers the low shot, keeping the ball on the ground all or most of the way versus the high shot. The high shot from a tight lie takes alot of confidence, great touch and nerves of steel. If you don’t have all three of these characteristics on a daily basis … on….

When your golf ball ends up around the green on a tightly mowed surface or a hardpan lie approach the shot as many of the tour players do, play the “Texas Wedge”(putting from well off the green). The key to playing the “Texas Wedge” is having soft arms and making a longer backswing and follow through to add additional power to match the length of the shot. The longer smoother stroke will give the additional force needed for this long putt. Inconsistency and mis-hits occur when the stroke gets too short and tight forcing the hands and wrist to take over to produce the extra effort.
If sprinkler heads or irregularities are in the way or going up a high slope, use the same stroke and try a 3 wood or hybrid to carry the obstacle and still get plenty of roll. SO REMEMBER…From Tight Lies around the Green make a long and smooth stroke and whenever possible “TAKE THE LOW ROAD”.

Tight lie2

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