The Pitch Shot

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A High Lofted Shot, the Pitch Shot travels farther in the air than on the ground A High Lofted Shot, the Pitch Shot travels farther in the air than on the ground. ADDRESS Full swing Grip Square to slightly open stance (heels 6-8 inches apart) Ball position is 1 to 2 inches inside the left heel Hands are positioned in mid-body BACKSWING Arms swing while wrist hinge Left arm and shaft form an “L” Shaft is on plane by pointing at the target line or slightly inside the target line IMPACT Arms swing while maintaining wrist angle body, ...

Treat Wet Ground Like a Fairway Bunker (ball first)

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Practice Guidelines

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The following are guidelines for Your PRACTICE on the Range. General Guidelines: A great rule of thumb is to spend 75% of all your range practice time on the short game (shoot lower scores by improving the short game first). 25% Putting 25% Short Game 25% Wedges 25% Long Game (1/2 on tee ball club (driver, 3wd. Hybrid, etc.)

The Chip Shot

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A Low Running Shot, the Chip Shot travels more distance on the ground than in the air. Club Selection: 6-Iron through Pitching Wedge (match club to shot & lie) 6-Iron for long roll, 8-Iron for Medium Roll, Pitching Wedge for Short Roll. Usually played from just off the green but a great escape shot when you have to keep it low and just punch it out a short distance.

Your Set Up Routine (As easy as 1, 2, 3)

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Consistency Lives in a repeatable pre-shot routine. What is a pre-shot routine… “A pre-shot routine is a sequence of mental and physical actions which precede the actual swinging of the club. The action of the routine prepares you mentally and physically to play each shot.” Dr. Mo “Learn to Win” Check out this sample with a driver for a straight shot…. Here’s How After picking a target , a club and a shot make a practice swing and then begin this 3 step system to consistently give yourself the best opportunity for success. STEP 1 After taking your ...

Thoughts for the Course by Dr. Morris Pickens

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For more - Dr. Mo: Following is a list of some productive thoughts for the course.  Pick the two or three that you feel are the most relevant to your game and focus on these throughout your round.  This will help you stay focused on the process of playing the game instead of worrying about the impending results.  Have fun and enjoy your day! Dr Mo There are only 3 types of shots – Quality shots, acceptable misses, and poor shots. Focus on hitting quality shots and just see how many of these you can hit ...

Grip it…

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The way you hold the club is one of the main factors that controls the clubface. Holding (not squeezing) the club is key to a free swinging motion. Let’s Take a Closer Look at a neutral full swing grip…. Left Hand Let’s start with a square clubface and place the left hand so the HEEL PAD is on top of the grip. (A good check is to hold the club in the air with the heel pad and the index finger only). The left thumb should be to the RIGHT of the CENTER of the shaft (1:00). ...

Master The Fairway Bunker Shot

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When you find yourself in a fairway bunker, set-up to consistently hit the BALL 1ST…then the sand. The Situation Here I am in a fairway bunker on the par 5, 15th hole of Seaside. I have a high lip in front of me and I am too far away to reach the green. Here’s my plan… I am going to lay up with my 7 iron to an easy angle to the flag and one of my favorite approach yardages. Here’s How After picking a club that will easily get you out and over the lip, use this ...

Frightened by Tight Lies?

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Partial shots from a tight lie….now what? When you find yourself with a partial shot from a tight lie, “TAKE THE LOW ROAD” whenever possible. Any time the situation allows, the smart player will usually prefers the low shot, keeping the ball on the ground all or most of the way versus the high shot. The high shot from a tight lie takes alot of confidence, great touch and nerves of steel. If you don’t have all three of these characteristics on a daily basis on.... When your golf ball ends up around the green ...